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Welcome! C:

You've stumbled upon the anime graphics, and link directory website known as Digital Dream!Feel free to browse around and sign my guestbook or leave a message on my tagboard! <3
My Terms of Use: The only thing on this site that requires linking back, are the wallpapers, BUT that's only if you use them as layouts. ;P I require a credit link back for those!

Please note that an update is marked by a * near the link C:

I'm not dead silly!
Update! C:

Changed the layout and added 52 new icon bases! I'll be tweaking the guestbook and tagboard here in a second-but for now: hello there! I rose from the ashes! :D Ciao for now. <3

26 Aug 2010 by nchan

Spring into gear! :3
Update! C:

Hello everyone! Looks like it's about time for another mass update, and a layout change. :) I hope to serve that up for everyone quite soon! Thank you for your patience! ^.~

08 Apr 2010 by nchan

Icons & Wallpapers!
Update! C:

Another update, I added 3 icons to the misc anime section, and one 1024x768 wallpaper in the CG art section. Again, I've also recently added several new Saiyuki wallpapers. Also fixed up the apply for affiliation form, and altered the tagboard and guestbook look! :D Love you all! <3

07 Feb 2010 by nchan

8 New Walls, New Layout
Update! C:

After what has felt like ages (and probably has been) I finally parted ways with my previous layout-no matter how much I loved it. I've spent months trying to make a layout I find as acceptable. Alas, this is what I came up with. Please say it's at the very least....cute? I've added 8 NEW Saiyuki wallpapers! I've also fixed the thumbnail for one of the Saiyuki wallpapers. I'm planning on adding more walls soon-probably in the anime CG art section. I've chosen some pictures I'd like to share with you as walls...<3 May even make some icons again soon. I love you all! Until next time-ciao!

04 Feb 2010 by nchan

Added 70+ icons!
Update! C:

Hi loves! I've updated by adding over 70 new icons! I've also taken the liberty of separating them out into sections! <3 Please enjoy & excuse my's time for a layout change yeah? I think so too. Hm. I'll have to do something about that. Peace out.

18 Nov 2009 by nchan

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